Man, time sure flies. It files even faster when you make the mistake of bringing up the fact that you reinstalled Skyrim to your husband, and he goes and installs a ton of mods so that the old ass game becomes catnip for you both again. Fast forward two weeks, and you haven't gotten anything done. Yikes. Double yikes because when you both aren't playing Skyrim by yourselves, you're getting together to play Baldurs Gate 3 multiplayer. No wonder nothing is being accomplished.

On September 10th we hit the 30th anniversary of the X-Files first airing on TV. You'd think I'd have some special update done over on the X-Files shrine, but no. That ship has sailed. I still need to start the next entry in my retrospective series. Things may have slowed down for site updates, but I'll be back at it soon, I'm sure. Eventually Skyrim will lose its charm... Then at least it will just be BG3 keeping me distracted.

Though, I haven't been totally idle. Thanks to the encouragement of a new friend, I've started writing again. Nothing that I can post to the site though (if I continue following my rule of no incomplete works, anyway) but it's something you can read soon up on my FimFiction profile. Yeah, it's pony crap. Sorry, not sorry. I'm working on a hurt/comfort romance that just... really makes me feel good. After I get some chapters done, this will also leave me more time to focus on the site.

Does anyone read these? If you're reading this...

Hi. I think you're great, and someone in your life really loves you. Have a nice day!